Conversation 1: Connected Health

  • Wednesday, May 2, 2018

  • 5:30 PM 8:30 PM

  • RMIT University, Storey Hall

Ground-breaking innovation has transformed the health sector - but at what risk?
Global executives, clinicians, medical researchers and data experts in conversations exploring the opportunities and risks for providers.

Across Australia and around the world, innovators of all sizes - start-ups, SME's to health-tech powerhouses, are working together using technology, medicine and data, to improve clinical outcomes and human experience.

Some of the latest trends we have seen enter the health sector - operating and nano robots, remote health management, vision for the blind and exoskeletons, have developed through the reinterpretation and translation of data into artificial intelligence (AI) for an enhanced user experience (UX).

But with every technological development, invites the risk of personal data and information to fall into the wrong hands. Your data (MyData), suddenly becomes the world's data (OurData).

Guest speaker Professor Minna Pikkarainen of Connected Health, University of Oulu has worked on ‘connected health’ projects in Finland integrating data at many different levels. Recognised as one of the leading countries pioneering innovation, Professor Minna Pikkarainen will share the latest findings express from Finland, and provide concrete examples of the data usage in various cases in preventive and more acute care contexts.

These include 'Mydata’ with the individual consent in preventive healthcare field, using personal 'me data' collected by individuals e.g. in home and emergency care field, as well as using organizational data collected e.g. from hospitals and companies.

How can we combine the industry's need for data with digital human rights?

Experts and executives from relevant health and tech organisations will present alongside Professor Minna Pikkarainen, and participate in a panel discussion on the discovery and research of innovation and technology gaining ground in the health sector.

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Minna Pikkarainen works on multidisciplinary research in innovation management, service networks and business models in the context of connected health service co-creation. Her target is to create several industry-driven research projects and project preparations and collaborating closely with software companies across Europe, US, Australia and Singapore.

Mr Board headed the eHealth and Medication Safety program at the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care, where his team conducted clinical incident management framework for clinical information systems, national guidelines for on-screen presentation of medicines information and discharge summaries, the guide to safe implementation of EMM in hospitals, and a cumulative antibiogram standard to support the national approach of antimicrobial stewardship.

Stephen Rennick is an executive leader with over 25 years’ experience in Cyber Security roles within large consultancies (EY, Verizon Business, PwC and KPMG), owner of IT Security consultancies, and advisor to global organisations and the international standards community.

Lijing Wang is the Research Lead on RMIT's Smart Textiles (Sensors and Wearable Technologies) Cluster, the Centre for Materials Innovation and Future Fashion (CMIFF). He has been a CI for 8 ARC grants, and 20 more other funded research projects. His current key research areas are protective garments, clothing comfort, and fibre materials.