Expect a change in the digital ecosystem.

Digital infrastructures have been building at an accelerating speed, redefining business models of financial conglomerates and opening gateways for entrepreneurs and start-ups, redefining the financial landscape.

With an increasing acceleration on financial technology startups, financial technology is revolutionising the business of finance and customer relationships with financial institutions. 

The implementation and growth of blockchain, chatbots and artificial intelligence (AI) has inspired the growth of innovation hubs and fintech entrepreneurs on a global front, as financial institutions are pushed to remodel their traditional services to stay relevant.

What is beyond blockchain and chatbots? 

Keynote speaker, Dr Jörn Buhring, Research Assistant Professor of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Design will join industry leading experts during FinTech Week to share insights on the latest drivers and threats forecasted for the Australian financial industry.


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Dr Jörn Buhring

Dr Jörn Buhring is currently a Research Assistant Professor and Ignite Innovation Program Leader with focus on university/industry collaboration and innovation at PolyU's School of Design in Hong Kong. Jörn earned his PhD in Consumer Engagement Innovation; his dissertation is titled, "Designing and Delivering Memorable Experiences".This global study explored conceptual experience frameworks, examining the supply and demand sides of the experience economy. Jörn's research focus is in the field of Consumer Engagement Innovation, Experience design methods, Design Thinking, and Design Fiction relevant to consumer-centric industries.